Dr. Dina’s Story

My chiropractic story began much like that of many of my patients, after being injured in a car accident in my early twenties. Suffering from whiplash and headaches, I went to visit Dr. Helen Thomas, a wonderful chiropractor in Sacramento. Her care opened up a whole new world of healing for me. She taught me not only about my spine, but how to use meditation and  nutrition to help heal my body. This amazing introduction to the art of healing inspired me to enter chiropractic studies myself. I had found my calling.

My experience with Dr. Helen allowed me to begin my education with an understanding of the holistic potential of chiropractic. I was drawn to chiropractic specialties that emphasized preventative wellness and emotional balance beyond just pain relief. My studies in Network Spinal Analysis were an integral example, teaching me that radical changes could be made in overall health through gentle chiropractic care.  In time, I blended this and other light-force techniques into a cohesive approach that continues to form the basis of how I practice today.

Through chiropractic I not only found my calling, but also found the love of my life, Jeff. We graduated together in 1997, and moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento to begin our practice. Though the first few years growing our practices were tough, they afforded us the time to set down roots, get married, and start a family. We were blessed with two amazing daughters- Olivia, who is my little clone, and Ruby, who is Jeff’s “mini-me”. We live the busy, yet joyous lives of parents trying to keep up with our growing beauties, and doctors in the service of our chiropractic family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I owe a lot to chiropractic, and to women like Helen Thomas who steered me down a path that has provided me an amazing career,  and an opportunity to serve those I care for. It is my hope that through my work I, too, can help others find their own path; a path of wellness and inner calm. For, it is my sincere belief that it is on this path that they will also uncover so many of life’s other joys.