Dr. Jeff’s Story

Growing up in western Canada, I spent much of my first decade of life an anxious child, prone to illness. I obsessed over my nervous stomach and frequent car sickness, and worried that every cold I caught would last forever. I was terrified to ride the bus (what if I get sick?), and had to psyche myself up most mornings just to go to school. I felt bullied and betrayed by my body and anxious mind. Something had to change. At the age of eight, my parents enrolled me in karate lessons. And through those lessons, everything changed.

Martial arts transformed my life. They gave me a sense of command over my body. They taught me about my body experientially, via movement, fluidity, and speed. Over years and countless hours of training, I developed a confidence in myself and my abilities…an inner-knowing that my body would be there for me when I needed it. It’s no wonder that chiropractic would, eventually, become a natural choice for me. There is a tenet in chiropractic that states that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, if given the right opportunity. The first time I read this, upon entering chiropractic college, it rang as true to me then as it does now, tens-of-thousands of patient visits later.

I actually owe my introduction to chiropractic to my participation in the martial arts. Having suffered a shoulder injury while sparring in my early twenties, my sister had suggested I see a chiropractor. I took her advice, and knew almost instantly that a career in chiropractic was right for me. I related to the natural, whole-body approach, and the common-sense character of it. I loved its grounding in movement and biomechanics, and the fact that chiropractic sought to get to the root cause of a health issue, rather than just treat the symptoms. I was hooked. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree, and moved to California to attend Life Chiropractic College West. Dina and I met in our senior year there, and completed our studies together in 1997. I had the honor of graduating class Valedictorian with my doctorate in Chiropractic, and Dina and I moved to Sacramento to begin what would be an amazing life together, both personally and professionally.

I still train in the martial arts, and am an avid fitness participant. Our two young daughters, Olivia and Ruby, enjoy exercising alongside me in our gym at home. I love knowing that Dina and my healthy example is theirs for the taking. I teach them, like I teach my patients, that good health is both a blessing and a responsibility to be cultivated. And I count the blessings, myself, each day as I go to a job I love, to serve people I care deeply for. Life is wonderful, and I am grateful for where my own journey of health has brought me.