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To Stretch…or Not to Stretch

by June 5, 2012
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Do you take the time to stretch before exercise? If so- ironically enough- you may be sabotaging your best efforts at getting fit.   Research over the past decade has shown little, if any, benefit to traditional-style stretching prior to exercise, and has suggested that these stretches may compromise the Read more »

No Time to Exercise?

by May 15, 2012
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Inject Some Unstructured Activity into Your Day I frequently like to remind myself, and my patients, that getting physical activity doesn’t always have to be in the form of a structured workout. Remember- workouts are a relatively recent construct. They compensate for the fact that we don’t get enough physical Read more »

To Ice… or Not to Ice?

by March 25, 2012

When is it right to use ice on an injury, versus heat? Let’s look at what happens after an acute injury. Imagine you bend forward to pick something up off the floor, and you feel a sharp, painful pinch in your lower back. Chemicals are released from the spinal joints Read more »

Time for a New Bed?


Some of the most frequent questions I am asked as a chiropractor center around beds and mattresses. Could my old mattress be causing my lower back pain? When should I replace my mattress? What type of mattress is best? With about a third of our lives spent in bed, it Read more »