Tammy McNiff

I initially came to see Dr. Dina for trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and lifelong severe headaches. Western medicine afforded me no relief – other than the prescription of a highly caustic drug for the TN that my doctor wanted me to take for the rest of my life! The day I first saw Dr. Dina, I was probably at the lowest point of my life. Within 3 months, I was completely pain free. I have not had a single headache and the trigeminal face pain is gone also. These unforeseen results of coming to Touch Chiropractic have made me more grateful than I can begin to express.”

– Tammy McNiff

Josh S.

Working as a diesel mechanic, I have suffered from back pain for years. After a couple of visits with Dr. Jeff, I was pain free for the first time in years. Now all I need is the occasional tune up to keep me in tip-top shape. Thank you Touch Chiropractic!”

– Josh S.

Sharon D.

I came to Dr. Dina from a recommendation from a friend as a last resort before having foot surgery for a ganglion cyst (tissue mass). Dr. Dina has been a miracle worker; I have not had foot surgery. Additionally, I no longer have migraines and the dizziness that I’ve had for years has stopped.”

“Recently I attended Dr. Jeff’s Clean Living 28-Day Detox Class. In addition to losing weight, the amount of inflammation in my body has significantly improved by following this easy to follow way of eating. I cannot sing the praises loud enough for what this practice has done for me. I highly recommend both Dr. Dina and Dr. Jeff.”

– Sharon D.


I have fractured vertebrae in my spine which resulted in bone spurs and fusion of a large section of my spine. I was in constant pain before coming to Dr.Dina: migraines, pain down my back and leg pain. The treatments have eliminated my migraines and greatly reduced other headaches. My back, neck, head and legs have about a 30-40% reduction in pain. After 30+ years of constant pain, this is more relief than I hoped for. It is solely due to the gentle care I’ve received here at Touch. I’m in for life!”

– SH

Lili and Ron B.

My husband and I have been going to see Dr. Jeff since 2000. We have had him address many issues: sciatica, hands, wrists, elbows , neck , knees, feet… and of course our backs. Dr. Jeff provides gentle adjustments and great advice without judgment. He can even handle my husband’s linebacker physique! We started seeing Dr. Jeff when we lived 5 minutes away. Even though we’ve moved, we still make our pilgrimage from Elk Grove each month for our adjustments because of the great care we have received and the customer service at Touch Chiropractic.”

– Lili & Ron B.

Jan J.

It is such a comfort to have a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor such as Dr. Dina. She has been invaluable to my well being and she’s genuinely concerned about keeping me healthy.”

– Jan J.

I initially came to Dr. Jeff for Plantar fasciitis when my medical doc wanted me to have surgery on my foot or told me to just wear shoes. After one treatment my feet felt much better. I have sent two other friends for the same reason and they have also been helped! What I like best about Dr. Jeff is that he takes the time to listen and through his listening, Dr. Jeff helped me with some old injuries that I thought I had to just ‘live with’. It also helps that they have friendly front office staff – thanks Elaine!”

– Kathleen H.

When I had my first adjustment at Touch, I was on my way to physical therapy school, with a life altering back injury. With only one month of care, I’ve completely changed my path. Not only am I no longer concerned about the future health of my back with regards to my previous injury, but I see my spine as a living source of wellness. I have experienced both physical and psychological relief beyond the scope of my previous concepts of chiropractic care. I want everyone that I care about to be in Dr. Dina’s care. This has been an exquisite experience.”

– Kirsten P., Chiropractic Student

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff’s since 2001. He has helped me through back, knee, neck and arthritic attacks. He is so gentle, yet effective with his approach, using the old fashioned “touch” and not the machines and other instruments that others have used on me. Dr. Jeff is absolutely wonderful — a true healer.”

– Evelyn V.

“A wonderful sense of focus and concentration…”

After six sessions, I have achieved a wonderful sense of focus and concentration, which has been enormously helpful to me as I am in the process of starting a new business. I have always been in good shape and had a ton of energy and somehow, I feel over the past 3 weeks of receiving this care, I have increased those energy levels. And as an added bonus, my back, neck and my left knee feel great, seeing that these ailments were the main reason for coming to see Dr. Dina.”

– Greg J., Exercise Physiologist

A number of years ago I injured my back while on the job. I was treated by physicians & physical therapists, and conferred with several back specialists that considered surgery. I was then referred to Dr. Jeff Keon by my Mother-in-Law. I began treatment with Dr. Jeff and could feel immediate results. He takes the time to understand your problem and treat the source of your pain. In addition, he takes the time to talk to you about any related problems that you are experiencing. Dr. Jeff is also sincere in his interest of finding the source of your problem and I have seen great results with regular visits with Dr. Jeff.”

“My Son is also treated by Dr. Jeff and has also experienced excellent results. I have recommended Touch Chiropractic to all of my friends and family experiencing back, neck or other chronic pain issues. They do a great job and are wonderful people. Thank you Dr. Jeff and Touch Chiropractic.”

– Gary F.

“…No longer have anxiety attacks”

In two months of this gentle care, my body feels more relaxed than it ever has, my neck is much looser, and emotionally, I feel that I am no longer afraid to move forward in life. I have had anxiety attacks for years and since seeing Dr. Dina, I no longer have the ‘background chatter’ in my head. I never could fully relax because I was always hashing through things in my head. Overall, my quality of life has really improved & my decisions are now made in a peaceful inner environment instead of a chaotic one.”

– J. B., Self Employed

When I began coming to Touch Chiropractic, the physical benefits that I noticed were immediate. I’ve also noticed that my anxiety levels have improved tremendously. I feel more calm and during times of stress, and I have learned to calm myself through the deep breathing that Network Spinal Analysis has taught me.”

– B. Kristie, Librarian

I hurt my back over three years ago and tried many things to make it better. At times my back would feel better, but it was never very good. I just accepted that I was going to live my life with a bad back. My dad started going to Dr. Keon and raved about how his back was pain free. I was always against chiropractic because I thought it would make my back worse. With my back at its worse, I figured I had nothing to lose. After a couple of visits, my back began to feel better. Now, it feels better than it ever did. I am able to do things that I thought I’d never be able to do. The best thing I ever did was go to Dr. Keon. I highly recommend him and his friendly staff.”

– Bryan M., Tile Contractor

Network Spinal Analysis has helped me become aware of deep seated fears that have held me back for years. More importantly, it’s allowed me to acknowledge, accept, and release them. Consequently, I am more emotionally and mentally healthy. Due to these positive changes, I have been able to become more of who I was born to be and less of what my fears have made me”.

– Kristen E., Curriculum Coordinator

Since I have started receiving Network care, my sense of self and my body has improved dramatically. I am now certain that perfection is a possibility in the here and now. I have a continued experience of space throughout my entire body which has given me more energy. I am so grateful for this care and for your amazing team at Touch.”

– Michelle P., Consultant

I started seeing Dr. Dina when I became pregnant and was having back pain and sciatica. I continued my care even after those symptoms were gone to keep my body in balance and to help with a more natural birth. Dr. Dina told me about how my body would be more prepared and that it was really helpful to keep my pelvis ‘soft’ so that the baby could move into proper position. Giving birth to Jayden was unreal: 6 hours of labor, no drugs and an amazing recovery. Our entire family sees Dr. Dina and we tell everyone we know about Dr. Dina & Touch Chiropractic.”

– Melissa T.

I have been a client of Dr. Dina’s for 10 months and it has been truly life-changing. I am 39 years old, in perfect health and have no “back problems” whatsoever. Like most young people I know, however, I lead a very active lifestyle and have a very stressful job. Under Dr. Dina’s care, my stress level has been reduced dramatically and I feel a greater sense of overall health, happiness and energy than at any other point in my life. I’ve referred my husband, our neighbor and several coworkers to Touch Chiropractic. I think everyone should receive this care!”

– Mia R.

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